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Pure Organic Philippines is a business that offers original and pure organic products to encourage everyone to live a healthy lifestyle. Our business is an independent distributor of iAM Worldwide, providing nourishing organic products, such as the Amazing Organic Pure Barley. It is known for its many health benefits that can help improve one’s overall well-being and even fight cancer.

Pure Organic Philippines was founded during the pandemic on October 15, 2021, aiming to provide affordable organic products throughout the Philippines. Our products are proven and tested, ensuring their quality and safe consumption. Furthermore, Pure Organic Philippines can ship across the Philippines at a reasonable price, making it accessible for everyone to avail of wholesome products.

What Does Barley Grass Taste Like?


At Pure Organic Philippines, we believe that health is wealth. So our primary objective is to provide our customers access to pure organic products, which are known to offer significant health benefits. In this day and age, many are also too busy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, resulting in developing illnesses in the long run. Thus, Pure Organic Philippines offer original wholesome products at an affordable price. With that said, leading a healthy life is made possible despite busy schedules. Our products are also proven, tested, and guaranteed original to enjoy your money’s worth.


Pure Organic Philippines aims to be one of the most trusted that provides safe, authentic, and pure organic products. Our purpose is to change the lives of our customers by encouraging them to lead a healthy and happy life. As a distributor of wellness products, Pure Organic PH also encourages our customers to care for their families and friends’ health. By caring for others, we can all have a better and more functional life with healthy well-being.

What We Offer

Considering that the Pure Organic PH was born during the pandemic when everyone’s health and immunity are put to test, Pure Organic Philippines is committed to prioritizing health. That’s why we focus on offering original pure organic products that are all proven and tested.
Our products can be shipped all over the Philippines at a reasonable price, including the Amazing Organic Pure Barley. It is packed with plenty of vitamins and nutrients and is a common remedy for certain diseases. Barley also helps improve the immune system, bone metabolism, and skin appearance.
For more options, here are some pure organic products we currently offer:

To our most valued customers, we are thankful for all your support and continuous patronage of our pure organic products. We appreciate that you have been with us every step of the way. And as our Pure Organic PH strives for progress, we assure you that all products we offer at Pure Organic Philippines are of the best quality, original, and safe for consumption.
Moreover, we aim to provide more and better pure organic products for our customers. So stay tuned for more updates on our latest product offerings!
Also, if you’re interested in our products, you can visit our website for more information or purchase.

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